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POS Data Collection and Warehousing

Point of Sale Transaction Data Collection

Over the past eight years, we have developed systems to extract and consolidate transactions from POS systems. Many business operate a network of retail outlets and have to requirement to collect sales data centrally for analysis and reporting purposes. 

Syncrony specializes in proving systems that automate the collection and processing of sales data from any number or retails outlets across international borders.  

We have developed systems that are driven either by a Windows service that runs on point-of-sales machines or else via manual file upload.

Uploaded files can can processed on receipt and verified against a custom set of sales rules. Transaction files that fail are marked as such and returned for manual correction.

Automated POS Based Data Collection

This system is Windows based and uses a small app that runs in the POS workstation or server. This app consolidates transaction and other data - including foot counts and drive-thru info, which it packages and transmits to a web based data collection service. Received data can then be manipulated and loaded into a data warehouse for analytic processing and reporting. 

Supported POS Systems

At this time we support over 12 POS systems. 

New POS systems can be rapidly added as required.

Manual File Upload

This web based system has been in continuous use for almost 8-years. It is based on a DotNetNuke core and provides data upload and manipulation functions.