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Syncrony Software

GreenLine and BoardCloud

Our Own Software Projects

Syncrony develops, markets and supports two of its own products in the business and financial space.

These are two business governance and financial related products used mainly by large to medium corporations and government agencies. Our two products BoardCloud and GreenLine are used in various countries.


Why Syncrony Products?

We think that producing, supporting and marketing our own software makes us better at delivering custom software products for our clients.

It's hard to build a successful software product, especially when development is funded from your own pocket. This makes us more aware of financial constraints faced by our customers. And more careful with the time and money entrusted to us when embarking on custom projects.

The Dangers of Building Your Own Software

As a development house, the urge to build your own software is a particular danger that entices many custom software development companies.

The lure of a producing a single, reproducible product is sometimes intense. This seems like a welcome change from the relentless pace of developing different systems for different industries. It seems like a welcome relief from having to learn different business rules and software frameworks every few months.

But every patch of grass is not always greener, as Syncrony can attest.

We first tried this route in 2003, with an office automation product called KLIX. In those days, full of false confidence and gusto, we embarked on the development of a complete ERP system. Invoicing, stock system, debtors, creditors, the works. 

And armed as we were, without any financial experience, it took five hard years for us to realize how hard it actually was. What we did gain was experience. Hard earned lessons that we still apply to our customer's development requirements to this day.

By the time we retired the product in 2009, we had been burned enough to avoid the own-product route until almost 10-years later. By then we were confident that we had sufficient experience to once again undertake this difficult task.