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We are no stranger to custom built software. Our team of developers and software engineers have extensive experience designing applications and programs for specific outcome-based solutions.

Our Custom Development Work

We undertake complex Magento Integrations and PHP custom projects in the LINUX development space.

Over the years, we have been involved with various custom Magento integrations on Magento Version 1.x and 2.x.

These include ERP system connectors to synchronise product levels and pricing as well as scheduled bulk imports that move populate online store data from internal line-of-business systems.

Accounting systems we have worked with include: Pastel, Syspro, XACT and SAP. 

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Visit our dedicated Magento E-Commerce website here.

Our in-house Microsoft based development skills can design, develop and deliver complex custom systems at reasonable cost.

Make use of our development know how to ensure that your project is a success. Over the years we have developed systems for companies such as HP, KFC, Pepsico, Fidelity Securityand others. 

We also offer maintenance and service agreements to manage our projects once they go live. Our systems are reliable and stable  and generally run in production for period if five years or longer.

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Developing apps for smartphones is highly skilled work. Our experience can save you time and money. 

App building is a complex process that starts with the crucial selection of which platform to build on.

We build apps that work.

We have experience in making the right choice between native apps and responsive designs, that can save you time and money.

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