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As of Jan 2023, Syncrony has been proudly working with the ATKV for 10-years.

We began our association with the development of the ATKV corporate website and then developed an online bookstore for LAPA Uitgewers [link to magento ecomm LAPA], which belonged to the ATKV at that stage. In addition, the ATKV owns and manages seven popular holiday resorts for which Syncrony also built websites. These Resort (Oorde) sites are bi-lingual and are available in English and Afrikaans. Over the past few years, our SEO specialist have achieved major success in expanding the online footprint of the ATKV resorts, in the highly competitive online holiday resort space.

ATKV Corporate Website

The latest ATKV website is developed on the Umbraco CMS platform. Umbraco a is a WordPress look-alike, with a feature-for-feature match from the web-developer’s perspective. Technically however, Umbraco is built on the latest Microsoft .Net Core platform, which runs ten-times faster and is streets ahead of the old WordPress PHP script interpreter language.

This version is our third iteration of the ATKV website. As you will see the site looks alive! With some features some eye watering images and movie clips. The home page stuns with a big, bold video banner and a clean and simple layout of eight content blocks.

A large banner with integrated video and CTA (call-to-action) serves to recruit members. The CTA leads to a membership signup page the presents three options for new members to join. The integrated signup form, hosted in an interactive PDF, presents a shortened membership application which has increased signups and membership.

The website is themed with a uSkinned premier theme, which comes with a slew of features, the most important of which is the responsive functionality. This delivers a seamless transition from desktop to tablet and then to smartphone.  We have made use of the fine-grained control provided by the theme to tailor user experience on mobile devices.

The integrated blog is another brilliant feature of the ATKV website. Besides looking super clean and appealing, the blog backend allows ATKV staff to post their own content. (Training for posting blog content, took less than 15-minutes!)
The ATKV team were delighted with the results!