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ATKV Partnership with Syncrony

The partnership between ATKV and Syncrony Digital began in 2014. Since then we have worked with various ATKV entities including:

  • Resorts (Oorde)
  • ATKV Corporate -
  • Negester (the lifestyle retirement arm)
  • ATKV Business Events and Conferences
  • Also previously, LAPA Uitgewers, the Afrikaans book publishing house recently acquired by Penguin Random House.

Our partnership with Syncrony has added a lot of value over the last seven years.

-Reinard du Plessis, General Manager for Marketing at ATKV

ATKV Resorts

Situated in some of the most beautiful parts of our country, and surrounded by cultural gems, heritage sites, and other exciting tourist attractions, you'll find seven resorts where guests are welcomed with unparalleled hospitality.

ATKV Oorde

Geleë in sommige van die mooiste dele van ons land, en omring deur kulturele juwele, erfenisterreine en ander opwindende toeriste-aantreklikhede, vind u sewe oorde waar gaste verwelkom word met ongeëwenaarde gasvryheid.

You can read about it here