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Syncrony Financial Products

BoardCloud board pack creator

Board Pack Manager

GreenLine Financial Close Software

Financial Close Software

1View POS Analytics

Unified POS Analytics

BoardCloud Pack Creation & Distribution

Board packet creation and high security electronic distribution to dedicated BoardCloud App.

Monitors interaction with board documents and tracks signing of documents by directors.

GreenLine GL Reconciliations

Streamlined month-end reconciliation system. Integrates with ERP software. Assigns and monitors recon preparers and checkers. Also does automated reconciliation of static accounts.

Manages and refines audit oversight operations by internal and external auditors.


Consolidates POS sales data into a unified dashboard.

Standardized POS agnostic sales data. Sales numbers are converted into a single currency and a single language. 

Sophisticated store manager for a central store database. Secure storage of documents at a store level with reminders of time sensitive documents.

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