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Wordpress VS Umbraco Benchmark


After doing a comparison of locally hosted WordPress sites vs Umbraco sites I have compared the results and come up with a conclusion.

Syncrony Digital uses Umbraco for their CMS websites as it loads much faster and is far more secure than WordPress sites. 

Technical Background

The page speed index which is how fast the visible elements of page loads is always higher and always 3 seconds or below.

The max potential first input delay which measures the time it takes for a customer to interact with your site, like clicking a button is quicker on a WordPress site.

The Time-to-Interactive which is the time it takes for content on your page to become fully functional. In our experience,  Umbraco sites are very rarely above 1.8 seconds, which is a fast result because If your site loads in under 2.2 seconds then your Time to interact is in the 99th percentile.

The first contentful paint which is triggered when any content is painted on the site which can be images, canvas or even text.  on 

All Umbraco sites the first contentful paint is below 1,6 seconds to load text or images. Which allows the user to see the site almost instantly instead of waiting for content to load. This gives a customer a much better user experience.

WordPress sites take anywhere from 1-3 seconds to load which means the person will have to wait for the site to load, this can be frustrating and not allow the customer to have a good user experience.

SEO Benefits of  Faster Website

<>When your website loads faster it helps you to rank higher in Google's organic search results as page speed is one of the many factors in ranking.

If you want to rank on the first page of Google it is recommended for your site to load in under 3 seconds 


WordPress websites are the most targeted by hackers as there are so many of them on the web. 

Fully 31% of websites use WordPress. The immense popularity of WordPress websites allows hackers to find less secure ones and exploit them.


When it comes down to it Umbraco is the best option for creating a CMS website. Whereas WordPress is your best option for creating a blog as it was originally intended for.

My conclusion is that Umbraco sites load a lot faster and have a much higher score on Pagespeed Insights compared to WordPress sites.