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Web Design

There are three ways to live stream to YouTube:

  • Webcam
  • Smartphone
  • Encoder

This is a method to perform multiple repeat installs of Umbraco CMS on your web server or local machine running IIS 8 and Windows. This method allows for a repeat installs that always use the latest Umbraco release. Preparation: If you are using a Microsoft SQL instance for your data store: create an empty database setup access for a user for that database keep the acces ...

By default, a standard (vanilla) installation of Umbraco does not automatically provide a 404 error page. Having a correctly wired up 404 error page is important for your website, because it will catch page requests that are caused by bad links and typos. Normally, when a web server is asked to display a non-existent page, it produces an unfriendly error message similar to the ...

After almost a year of being 'too busy' to launch our new website, the new Syncrony website finally goes live. Our new website is number seven in the line of Syncrony company websites that we have produced over the years. It is built on the latest Umbraco CMS version (currently 7.7.7), which seems satisfying synchronous (if you pardon the pun).  We have also used the latest u ...

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