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Requirements and Advice to Start Live Streaming on YouTube

3-Ways to Live Stream to YouTube

YouTube is free to use for live streaming purposes as long as the content streamed adheres to Google’s content guidelines.

There are however some restrictions depending on the source of your live feed.

There are three ways to stream your live feed to YouTube:

  • Webcam
  • Smartphone
  • Encoder

The encoder option is the most complex and requires additional hardware or software – more detail below.

Webcams, the Easy Way to Stream Live on YouTube

Using the webcam built-in to your computer (or connected as an accessory) has no subscriber restrictions. Once you have followed the steps to enable your channel for live streaming here, you can go live. You channel also must be verified.

Note: Some sources say that streaming account should have a minimum of 100 subscribers.

Mobile Streaming is the next best Option

To mobile stream, all you need is your smartphone and over 1,000 subscribers. Once your channel is verified, you can get going.

Encoders - Live Stream Like A Pro

YouTube also allows for the use of an encoder to stream live digital content. This enables you to produce a more professional result by adding some level of pre-processing before flighting your live content

Encoders come in two flavours, as software programs that run on a computer or as stand-alone devices. Google provides a list of approved devices, which you can find here.

Using an encoder allows you to mix video and audio from multiple sources before streaming your live feed.

Other Requirements for Live Streaming on YouTube

Once you have verified your account and made sure that you have the correct equipment setup, the following need to be taken into consideration:

- No streaming restrictions have been issued against your account within the last 90 days

- You have to schedule each of your live events individually

- The account should be linked to an active phone number

And finally, at all times ensure that you keep strictly to any relevant copyright regulations that may apply to the content you stream.