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True Value standardizes on DotNetNuke to drive business agility for 2,000 Stores

Local store owners leverage corporate content and easy-to-use interface to build custom commercial websites

San Mateo, CA – July 10, 2012 - DotNetNuke Corp., the company behind the most widely adopted Web Content Management Platform for Microsoft .NET, today announced that True Value Company, one of the world's largest retailer-owned hardware cooperatives, has built an agile business platform for its network of thousands of individual stores using DotNetNuke as a foundation. Leveraging DotNetNuke and an easy-to-use site management front-end built by Engage Software, each local store owner can instantly provision and update a customized website tailored to meet the needs of that store, while taking advantage of national marketing efforts and content. More than 2,000 individual store websites are now running on a single instance of DotNetNuke, making the job of coordinating branding, product information, seasonal content and marketing promotions simple and effective for True Value's central marketing team.

The True Value site network, its custom templates, and a standard store interface was built, deployed and is maintained by St. Louis-based Engage Software. Engage specializes in commercial implementations of DotNetNuke, and was able to deliver True Value’s site infrastructure in a matter of months using the DotNetNuke platform.

"We selected DotNetNuke because it was cost effective and powerful," said Rosalee Hermens, chief information officer at True Value. "With DNN, we were able to use a proven open source framework while maintaining our upgrade path. The solution scales to meet our needs and now allows us to host over 2,000 sites on a single server. Finally, the solution enables our site owners to manage their own store site while incorporating approved True Value content. This gives them ultimate flexibility while we can maintain the corporate brand."

True Value adds agility to their marketing, promotions and branding as it relies on DotNetNuke to disseminate important content to its network of stores, launch seasonal promotions, respond to market dynamics, or update product information globally. With DotNetNuke, the True Value corporate marketing team and hardware store owners use a "zero learning curve" web interface built specially for them. This powerful interface enables non-technical business owners to easily leverage corporate resources and content. A site building wizard built by Engage allows for rapid site changes and provides store owners with the flexibility to easily deliver product or promotion information to customers. Corporate content is quickly published by the corporate team, and is then painlessly shared across the system. Each of the 2,000+ sites operates seamlessly with both corporate-generated and locally-generated content.

"True Value has embraced the web as a resource to help store owners respond effectively to changing market dynamics with content and information that drives revenue and business results," said Rich Campbell, president of Engage Software. "With a powerful web development environment, we can help companies of all sizes achieve their goals online."

The True Value site network was built originally on the free Community Edition version of DotNetNuke, which scaled to more than 1,000 store sites running on a single instance of the platform. In 2011, the network switched to the high performance DotNetNuke Professional Edition to take advantage of data and page caching functionality, which will enable the network of sites to scale to thousands of sites.

"The innovative True Value model empowers local store owners while at the same time ensuring consistency and economies of scale for the co-operative globally," said Richard Dumas, senior director of product marketing at DotNetNuke. "This is a great example of how organizations can leverage our open source model to build remarkable commercial-grade infrastructure. The True Value implementation is a great example of how companies can leverage DotNetNuke to deliver more predictable, manageable business results."