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By Gabriel & Howard Rybko

COVID-19 Link Required by Law

By now, your website should have a link to the COVID-19 Corona Virus South African Resource Portal.

If not, you’re breaking the law.

So is the Department of Communications (DOC), who gazetted this law on Lockdown Thursday. Their website ( ) sports no such link (at date of publication).  

But don’t fret about it, because there’s no punishment for law breakers (more on this later).

In fact, there are far more important issues for web owners to worry about than where to plonk an unnecessary link publicizing a resource (valuable and useful as it may be) on their websites.

We take a look at the communication, first from a practical viewpoint, giving some direction to the web owners and web designers who are looking to actually implement the letter of the law. And then from a legal perspective, to reassure those intransigent South Africans who have no need to be told what content to post on their websites.

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