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Add Analytics ValueParameter to USN Umbraco Theme

ValueParameters for USkinned Theme

How to

Login to the backend and navigate to: Settings – Partial Views

Find the file - USN_WebsiteLogo.cshtml (or a file with a similar name)

Open/edit the file.

Make a copy of the contents and save it somewhere in case you need it!

Locate the code line: string logoClass = String.Empty;

Add a new line under this.

Enter (or paste) the following code:   var s = string.Concat(Model.Content.Site().Url, "?LinkFrom=Logo");

Then find this line:

<div id="logo" @Html.Raw(logoClass)><a href="@Model.Content.Site().Url">@globalSettings.WebsiteName</a></div>

Change the value of the href= part from  this: ="@Model.Content.Site().Url”

To this: ="@s”

The line now looks like this:

<nav class="cta-link"><a class="btn no-bg c5-borders c5-text" href="@s"

Save the file

Browse to the site, refresh your browser and mouse over the logo image to check your results.

If the page returns an error, go back and check your work.  

The contact link should now work and at the same time pass your value parameter.

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