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Google AdWords overview

Google AdWords is a Pay Per Click Advertising program which provides advertisers with a cost effective mechanism to get to potential customers in an manageable, low risk way. Not only is a Google Adwords campaign cheaper than other channels and it also provide almost instant feedback of how the campaign is doing, and can be modified and adjusted on the fly.

Google clam that AdWords has the highest ROI (Return of Investment) of all advertisement channels. In my experience this is indeed true.

AdWords ads appear as sponsored links on the left hand side of Google Search Results page and also above the search results. AdWords allow an advertiser to get to the first page of search results for selected keywords by paying for position instead of ranking highly for the same keywords in an organic search.

An auction/bidding mechanism that operates as a campaign is setup determines the starting bids for each keyword that you choose. There is a comprehensive system that ensures you place ads that have a good chance of working. Keyword suggestions and guesstimate pricing are also presented to help setup the campaign.

Once a campaign is setup, search queries matching the keywords you have selected, trigger the AdWords ad selection system. This system determines which ads to show based on pricing metrics and other factors. Thus is you bid a too low price for a keyword, it will never trigger a show of your ad and you will never be charged!

You only pay when a prospect clicks on your ad and there is no charge for showing your ads.

A campaign can be run in any country, region, city or ever a specified area. Ads can be run in various languages and can be targeted by age and gender in some cases.

Ad Reach
Ads can be displayed on any website on Google Content Network. This includes search pages, affiliate sites that use AdSense, Gmail and any other Google properties or partner media destinations.

Advantages of Using AdWords:

  • Adwords will run according to your daily budget
  • AdWords stats and results are available on an almost real-time basis
  • Adjustments can be made on the fly
  • The campaign can be suspended at any time

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