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Bella Bathrooms

One of the key considerations in developing and designing the new ecommerce website for Bella Bathrooms & Tiles, was creating a user interface (UI) which is easy to navigate, keeping user needs at the centre of the design process.  Focussing on user experience (UX), ecommerce site developer specialists, Syncrony Digital developed a user-friendly environment, creating an equivalent appeal to the instore showroom.

Syncrony used a neutral palette interspersed with a few warmer shades for the home page, painting a scene of bathroom relaxation. These evocative images inspire a sense of luxury:  the standalone bathtub and patterned floor tiling take centre stage, directing user focus while effortlessly communicating the different categories to guide navigation.

Visitors can filter their selection of products through specifications such as finish, range colour and brand.  This enhances UX, making it easy for users to make decisions without having to spend a lot of effort searching for what they need.   An auto complete functionality of the search box supports this further with a dropdown menu of relevant products adding to effortless navigation by anticipating the user’s requirements. Read more...