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The NEW CFO Talks - Now We're Talking!

Southern Africa Institute for Business Accountants

SAIBA the Southern Africa Institute for Business Accountants, is an accounting body that represents accountants that are not members of SAICA for which you require a CA (SA) designation.  

SAIBA members and people who perform accounting roles are the unsung heroes of South African business and the South African economy and in many cases its backbone. Using their accounting skills and business know-how to grow SA businesses, often their income is less when compared to their CA(SA) colleagues, despite many times doing exactly what their counterparts do. This is simply due to the fact they don’t have a CA (SA) and many times employers will employ an accountant just because he or she has a CA (SA), believing that this is ‘the’ certification for CFOs, enter SAIBA.

The CFO (SA) Designation

SAIBA recognised and understands this hole in business’ confidence when evaluating people for CFO positions. To remedy it SAIBA created a learning path to the only official, certified CFO designation in South Africa the CFO (SA). CFO (SA) is authorized by SAQA in terms of the National Qualifications Framework Act, 67 of 2008 and registered at NQF level 9. The highest level awarded to any finance or accounting designation.

 To reach CFOs with the goal of getting people to register and complete the CFO (SA) certification, SAIBA created “CFO Talks” a series of podcasts of interviews with many of the country’s top CFOs as well as international CFOs. This forum gives the CFOs a voice to tell their personal career stories and provide insight, to what they have done to make the businesses they are a part of successful. 

 CFO Talks - Interviews with Top CFO's

To showcase the podcasts and to invite more CFOs to share their stories, SAIBA created the website “CFO Talks”. Each interview is conducted by a business journalist in a professional recording studio, requiring a significant investment by SAIBA at no cost to the person being interviewed. The ROI for this ongoing investment is measured in how many people register for the CFO certification.  

 Despite the many top CFOs being interviewed SAIBA was not reaping the RIO they should have, this is when they approached Syncrony Digital a digital agency with 20 years’ experience in providing web solutions to South African business. Working with a clear understanding of SAIBA’s goal for the website Syncrony Digital completed an in-depth analysis, which looked a three different facets, business and ROI, website design and online marketing and SEO (Search engine optimization). After the analysis and two intensive workshops with the entire SAIBA management, Syncrony Digital were able to develop a solution for SAIBA.

 Syncrony's Solution

The solution included re-designing and re-structuring the entire website that reflects the professionality of the industry, with a look and feel which has CFOs and accountants thinking “I need to be the next person interviewed for these podcasts”.  Another vitally important facet of the site is to make people aware of important events that SAIBA organise are involved in, such as the world CFO congress and the many talks that SAIBA do that are affecting the industry and the country. 

Combined with the new site was ensuring the SEO of the site was correct so that the new site would be far higher in the Google SEPRs (search engine results pages) than the old site. SEO includes both backend SEO and the site content, for which Syncrony Digital provided guidance and advise on the copy writing. When it came to digital marketing, Syncrony Digital also designed and built a mass mailing template and advised on the strategy for mailing campaigns, to ensure a high opening and engagement rate for the campaigns.

Syncrony Digital has been tasked with maintaining the CFO Talks website as well as ongoing SEO and digital marketing.

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