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Umbraco Design and Development Specialists

Why Choose Umbraco?

Umbraco is an open source web content management system based on the Microsoft .NET platform.

Out of the box, Umbraco delivers a lean and mean CMS that is similar in concept to the WordPress platform. It has a slim front-end that is super customizable. For example, many existing bootstrap based themes can be quickly converted to run on it. Back-end functionality is abstracted into a fast and elegant WordPress-like environment.

Umbraco is Fast!

Speed counts heavily in todays overcrowded commercial internet space. Impatient consumers punish slow-loading webpages by clicking away when a page is slow to load. Google punishes slow websites by dropping them in its search results.

Umbraco – Runs Over 250,000 Websites

Currently, Umbraco powers almost 300K websites of all types – worldwide. Some major companies use Umbraco for their websites, including Microsoft, Tesco, BBC, Peugeot, and Heinz.