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Compiling Board Packs Making You Grey? Welcome to Serenity!


BoardCloud is the asprin for board-pack headaches!

Ask any executive assistant or office administrator to pick the most tedious, time consuming task of their entire job and mostly, without any hesitation they will say “putting together Board Packs, for Board meetings”

A few years ago a client approached us looking for a digital solution to replace their paper-based board packs.  Before developing the software, we sat down with Nancy lady whose life this software was meant to change and asked her one question; “what are your frustrations when it comes to compiling board”packs? This is what she answered:

“Paper-based board-packs equal:

  • Piles of paper
  • Hours of sorting
  • Typing and re-typing of contents
  • printing and then reprinting and then reprinting again
  • Files and Files full of paper
  • Hours trying to find reference to something in an archived pack
  • We are supposed to be environmentally friendly but are wasting reams of paper

 All of this and they are used only once” Based on the feedback from Nancy we developed BoardCloud.

What is BoardCloud 

A Paperless Digital Board-Portal, that offers board pack creation and electronic distribution along with high security. BoardCloud eliminates all the traditional board pack headaches by:

  • Saving tons of time
  • Saving money
  • Saving reams of paper
  • Saving the environment
  • Saving your Sanity

How does BoardCloud achieve this? 

  • It’s electronic and can be viewed and edited on any PC or Mobile device
  • It's Extremely simple to use
  • It will save you tons of hours of frustration
  • It's simple to distribute
  • Is secure and can be read only by those who are granted access
  • Archived securely
  • Is really affordable

Read more about the features that will turn your board pack nightmare into a sweet dream click here

Who Needs BoardCloud 

Any company or organization that needs to streamline the compilation and distribution of documents prior to board meetings. Want it? Contact Us, for a Demo and pricing or read more about the features here

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