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Our BEE Status


Syncrony is registered as a BBBEE Level 4 contributor.

We strongly believe that we can make a meaningful contribution to the ongoing social and economic advancement of our current and future employees as well as for those individuals and companies whose services we make use of.We have an active drive to locate and uplift specific individuals who show talent for IT based skills but who are unable to further their IT education.As a black empowered company with black directors and a staff contingent that comprises of 50% of people.From previously disadvantaged communities, Syncrony is committed to social advancement and has a skills development program in place not only for existing employees but for specific learners from the community currently employed in unskilled labour jobs. Broad-based Black Economic Empowerment PolicySyncrony Internet Services – Broad-based Black Economic Empowerment Policy.

The prosperity of the South African economy is dependent on the active participation of all South Africans. Despite our exempt micro enterprise (EME) status, Syncrony Internet Services is still committed to the principles and objectives of BBBEE, in which context we regard it as a vital element of prudent business sustainability practice. By contributing to the economic and social upliftment of all South Africans, with a specific emphasis on and communities, we will be playing an active role in South Africa’s continued and sustained economic growth.Syncrony Internet Services believes that authentic commitment to BBBEE is a moral imperative given the emphasis that it places on social and economic upliftment. We believe that our constructive involvement in BBBEE will contribute meaningfully to the maintenance of a stable political, social and commercial environment and that this will facilitate long term business sustainability.

Our BEE policy is built on broad-based principles.

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