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Get Rid of Boilerplate Code with AOP

Recently, I decided that I was sick to death of writing DNN exception handling code. It is the same thing written over and over and over again Typical Boilerplate code: This might seem incredibly lazy but I have written that exact try catch block thousands (if not millions) of times. This alone is enough to... Read More
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C#.NET and the WordPress Woocommerce API

Recently a client wanted a simple line of business iOS and Android app to handle the processing of tickets in a line. After sticking together a simple UI – complete with a QR scanner, I needed to tackle the real issue; The event/ticket data was located in a WordPress Woocommerce backend! This was a little... Read More
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C# 6: We don’t care if it’s null

Lets touch on another epic little feature of C# 6, the null operator. As always with my blog posts, I want to keep things simple. The null operator avoids the if(thing!=null) checks that often clutter our code. Often, we want to set a property or value if an object instance is NOT null. This usually results... Read More
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