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Writing on multiple topics

As a committed web author you may need to write articles waering a number of different hats. For example I write Website Design Theory articles as well as certain Medical Articles. So the question is how do I create an archive of Web based articles under my name as well as having a similar batch of Medical articles also under my name?

The problem is obvious. If someone looks for me under my Website Design author name it would probably not enhance my wer reputation if a number of medical related articles appeared at the same time.


The answer is for you to create a number of versions of your name (pen name). Then stick to using each version for a specific "brand" or article.

* Thus for web articles I would call myself Dr Howard Rybko
* and for medical articles I could use the pen name Dr H Rybko

This will effectively lock in the various types of articles I write under two distinct brand identities.

Obviously you can make more variations of your name as you write articles in more areas. Just remember to use the right version of you name each time!

By: Howard Rybko - Feb 2009


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